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Herpes Topical Treatment – Cure Herpes Without Side Effects, Use Topical Medicines

Topical medicine is common treatment for skin malady. However, topical drugs can be a cure for other ailments. There are different preparations for topical medicines; these could be any of the following: cream, lotion, nasal spray, eye drop or medicated patch. When we speak of topical, the implication is that the drug is applied only on the surface of the affected area. Unlike oral medication which has to pass through a number of body systems, the topical medicine is more specific. – only on the area affected by the disease. Herpes topical treatment is found to be a better treatment alternative for blisters. Although many people would not care much in treating the skin blisters, herpes being considered highly contagious, the blisters need application of herpes topical treatment.

There are two kinds of Herpes – the oral which appears as facial blisters appearing on and around the lips area and the genital which appears around a person’s genitalia. Many cases of herpes are not treated, especially if the case does not manifest the normal symptoms. Actually treatment becomes an issue when the herpes is facial. Who would not want to be rid of the blisters near the lips? Other case where treatment is desired is when the genitals begin to be very itchy. Scratching can leave small wounds that can be very irritating. For whatever case of herpes, topical medicine is the most common of all treatment options.

Topical medication is chosen by herpes afflicted individuals.  The cream or lotion preparations are easy to apply. And another big advantage is the fact that topical drugs have lesser side effects – more often none. And if ever there is occurrence of side effect, it would definitely be very minor and tolerable. Compared to the oral medication that passes through the respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems, the topical medicine has to affect only the area where the medicine was applied. As there is risk regarding side effect on use of pharmaceutical drugs, herpes topical treatments can be resorted to. These kinds of drugs are available in the market.

Herpes topical medicines

  1. Topical anti-viral gels and creams are the most common topical drugs for treatment of herpes. You can buy anti-fungal creams, ointments and lotions over the counter of most drug stores. The cream, gel, ointment or lotion is applied directly to the infected area. This reduces the symptoms, provides instant relief to the ailing person and dry the open blisters. Redness and soreness, if present, will be addressed. The medicine which has anti-fungal properties can prevent blister multiplication.
  2. Topical solutions are in liquid form. These are unscented and colorless. They are applied on the very spot where herpes appears. But then, the solution often times have tinge of sting. As you apply the solution on the infected area, you have to endure the sting. However, the sting is only momentary so you can just bear with it.
  3. Herbal herpes topical treatment is also available now. This may come in cream or solution form. What is ideal in this kind of medication is that the drug is from plants.  As this is purely herbal, this can be used by pregnant women and all other people with delicate health conditions.

If there is anybody in your family or circle of friends who often suffers from the recurring herpes simplex syndrome, recommend an herpes topical treatment. This would cause no harm, as there are very minor side-effects, and might provide relief.