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Facial Itching And Redness – Warning Signs For Herpes Outbreak?

Itchiness especially when it occurs in the face becomes a major concern. Facial itching will tempt you to scratch – a natural reaction to soothe itching. With scratching, you cause redness on the face, sometimes leading to swelling. Facial itching can be a symptom of different ailments and one of these is the facial herpes, better known as cold sores.

Facial herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV1). Unlike bacteria the HSV virus cannot multiply, it only clones itself. This is the main reason why herpes easily spreads. And it is very contagious – wherein you can contract the diseases so easily. This disease can be transmitted through skin to skin contact. As HSV 1 virus usually affects the lips, mouth and nose areas, kissing is a big NO when you have herpes outbreak.

Once you contracted herpes, that time will be the beginning of possible future outbreaks. This is so because once the herpes simplex virus 1 has no known cure. Once you have it, it may live forever in your nerve endings . There are some drugs prescribed for herpes. But they really are not a cure – these drugs merely suppress replication of the virus – never elimination. After a bout of herpes, the virus will remain dormant under your skin and recur when triggered.

Symptoms of Facial Herpes

  1.  Facial redness – When herpes simplex virus 1 is transferred to your skin, you will notice redness around your lips and mouth area. You may not take caution on this since redness may easily fade and the skin returns to its normal color. But with herpes, it is different. The redness can be followed by other irritating conditions.
  2. Facial itching – This marks prodromes (common warning signals) signaling the outbreak of herpes. The initial sign of redness is aggravated – now with itching. Redness in the affected area does not subside and instead, you experience itching sensations. Other feelings during this period are stinging, tingling or pins-and-needles sensations. Sometimes, this is not only itchy but even painful as well. Be informed that the redness and itching are possible preludes to facial herpes, the next symptom to appear in 2 to 3 days.
  3. Blisters – This is the worst scenario. Your lips area will be surrounded by facial blisters. What an ugly sight! And ifthe HSV 1 virus continues to spread, your mouth can be full of blisters. These are painful, irritating and very unsightly. The appearance of these blisters will prevent you from going out – you would not want to be seen with those blisters! These skin bumps are small, filled with fluid and will undergo a cycle. When ripe, they will ulcerate or weep and develop into tiny open wounds. Then a scab or crusting will replace the broken blisters before they completely heal and disappear.

Natural relief for facial itching:  as soon as the dreaded  facial tingling  begins, applying  ice to the affected area may help thwart a full blown outbreak.  The nice cold ice will also do wonders  relieving the pain and itching.  Cleaning the area with a mild soap, patting dry and applying some lysine cream several times a day will also help shorten the duration of the outbreak.

As stated, the herpes simplex virus 1 will have tendency for resurgence when triggered. So – what are these factors that can activate an outbreak? Recurrent outbreak of herpes can be caused by consumption of foods with arginine, too much exposure to strong sunlight, menstruation for women, alcohol and both physical and psychological stress. Arginine, incidentally, is a kind of amino acids and foods with this acid are peanuts, soy, sunflower seeds and chocolates.

When, by any chance, you have already ailed with herpes, it is best for you to avoid the triggering factors. Your facial itching could be a sign of another herpes outbreak. As herpes cannot be eliminated once the virus dwells in your system, your only appropriate step is prevent recurrence.